Senate President Chuck Morse and I spent the day visiting with businesses in Wilton and Milford. It was a pretty “sweet” day if you look at the photo below.

Three things are clear from our discussions:

1. District 11 is home to vibrant small businesses that are fueled by hardworking owners and dedicated staff. These folks remained tough during the Covid Era and are showing their resilience as they manage inflation and rising energy costs. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the NH economy and our Main Streets.

2. Businesses are eager to elect leaders who will keep a watchful eye on spending while providing necessary services. It’s critical we keep taxes low, keep government bureaucrats out of their way, and keep NH’s economy moving forward by attracting and maintaining the necessary, skilled workforce of the future.

3. Republicans in 2022 are running on a record of success in Senate District 11 and statewide. Business owners are eager to keep a GOP Senate majority.

It’s crystal clear our state needs to keep Republican majorities to move our economy forward. After all, it was Republicans who cut taxes for small businesses, returned over $500 million in property tax relief to municipalities, and made NH the fastest growing economy in the Northeast.

It’s critical we win this seat to keep our Republican majority.

Can I count on your support to ensure we send a friend to small businesses back to Concord?

My best regards,
State Senator Gary Daniels
Representing Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, and Wilton