Delivering real results for real people.

Accomplishments from past legislative sessions

Senator Daniels delivered more for Amherst, Merrimack, Milford & Wilton – over $8 million in new funds for property tax relief! See this file for details.

  • I successfully supported an increase in revenue sharing between the state and towns for the Rooms and Meals Tax. This brought back:
    • $856,238.32 for Amherst (an increase of $269,297.52)
    • $1,997,671.31 for Merrimack (an increase of $670,008.09)
    • $1,178,581.73 for Milford (an increase of $368,786.61)
    • $278,433.75 for Wilton (an increase of $88,876.01)
  • I proudly removed the Merrimack tolls
  • I stopped neighboring politicians and a state agency who wanted to force Merrimack taxpayers to pay for the upkeep of Continental Blvd – saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands a year.
  • Passed bipartisan pieces of legislation to take on big polluters, fund clean water projects, remediate contaminated water, and ensure our families are safe each time we turn on the tap.
  • Funded a one-time electric and heating credit for families and individuals making less than the median income using state surplus funds – up to $650 per family of 4.
  • We built the State’s rainy day fund to $250 million and a budget surplus of $468 million by supporting economic policies that spurred this growth in revenue.
  • Returned over $500 million in revenue to towns and cities for property tax relief
  • Cut business taxes, began the removal of the interest and dividends tax, and lowered the meals and rooms tax.
  • Invested a record amount in public education, created education savings accounts to expand
  • opportunities for our students, supported legislation to give parents a greater voice in their child’s education, and advocated for legislation that would prevent bullying in our schools and make parents aware of bullying in school.

  • We expanded charitable gaming to allow for more games to be offered and for longer hours. By expanding access to charitable gaming, millions of dollars a year will go to our local charities at no cost to the taxpayer or state.
  • Established the Granite State Paid Family Leave Act – an optional paid family leave program for businesses and individuals. The program will function without an income tax or broad-based taxes/fees to fund it.

On the Issues

“I’ve been honored to serve our country, our community, and our state and have done so wearing many hats. I’ve witnessed the successes and failures of government and the effects government has had on local communities, families, students, and small businesses.

As Chairman of the Senate Finance committee, I seek to ensure every dollar the legislature spends is respectful of the taxpayer, provides a return to our community or state, and serves a purpose. As long as I am in the Senate, I will oppose DC-esque spending in NH– our state budget will be balanced. Our state budget will provide the services that are critical to protecting our vulnerable members of society, it will smartly invest in the education, health and safety of Granite Staters, it will provide the necessary infrastructure for our state to remain an excellent choice for businesses to begin or move to, and it will NEVER include new broad-based taxes or fees.“

The Economy

New Hampshire’s economy is the fastest growing in New England. I proudly supported lowering our business taxes, lowering the meals and rooms tax, and encouraging development in our state by passing legislation that supports the creation of small businesses. This year we lowered the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax and I gladly attended the signing of the bill.

  • I’ll never support an income tax, sales tax, capital gains tax, or increase in business taxes. Families and businesses are getting crushed by inflation, gas prices, and utility costs. And besides, the Granite State is the envy of New England because we do not have a sales or income tax.
  • I believe we need to address our state’s housing crisis and we need to do it immediately. Our businesses cannot grow If they do not have the workforce to do so. We are losing talented, young workers to states with more options for housing.
  • We need to continue streamlining permits for businesses and get bureaucrats out of the free market’s way.
  • We must lower our electric costs!
  • We expanded access to broadband in our rural parts of the state to ensure our businesses, schools, and families have the access required to do business, learn, and meet the needs of the 21st century.


I am a proud supporter of our public schools and have voted to increase their funding and allow for more funding of school building projects. We are fortunate to have great schools in our district that certainly make other areas in the state envious.

I believe in advocating for ALL students whether they attend public schools, private school, charter schools, or are home schooled. Every child deserves an opportunity to thrive within the environment they are most comfortable in. I supported the creation of Education Savings Accounts because there are students in my district who reached out in need of a solution because not all children learn the same. A child’s education shouldn’t be dictated by their parent’s income or their zip code.

I’m also proud to have supported more funding for our high school seniors to attend college here in New Hampshire rather than go out of state. I strive to fund our community college system and University system to meet the needs of our future workforce.


We need an all-of-the-above approach to energy but that doesn’t include subsidizing sectors that will inevitably cost more than they can produce. High gas prices, high electric rates, and high heating costs are eating away at the budgets of our families, businesses, local governments, and senior citizens.

  • I will support legislation and initiatives to lower home heating and electric costs.
  • I proudly supported a measure to give families who make 60-75% of the state median income a one-time payment of $650 for heating ($450) and electric benefits ($200).
  • I proudly supported an expansion of net metering and renewable energy for our towns and cities. It will now allow localities to generate up to 5MW of their own power.
  • Our electrical grid is a regional grid. I will support the expansion of access to baseload power that can be used to meet the growing demand in the region. New England is also deficient in its ability to transport natural gas from neighboring regions and it is time our neighboring states allow energy to flow freely!

The Environment

Clean air and water are critical to human survival. This issue transcends partisan politics and I am proud to have funded efforts to remediate the PFAS chemicals in our water and to protect us from big polluters.

  • I supported $75 million for local drinking water and sewer projects
  • I supported the creation of a grant program to help communities dealing with PFAS contamination.
  • I supported increasing the statute of limitations on civil suits from harm caused by PFAS contamination.

The 2nd Amendment

I am a staunch supporter of your right to bear arms. I’ve been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and the NH Firearms Coalition.

State Government

  • Should be open, transparent, and accountable.
  • New Hampshire does it best – I do not believe in unfunded mandates from Washington DC and I support local control
  • Our budgets must be balanced!