Voting Record

Gary has served in the NH Senate since 2014.
Posted are his ratings for the 2014-2016 session as they are issued.

2016 Ratings
The American Conservative Union 2016 scored Gary a 96% rating for Conservative Excellence.

Americans for Prosperity 2016 gave Gary a score of 100%, A+ (one of only two given in the Senate)

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers lists Gary on their page of 2016 Pledgers against a broad-based tax.

Cornerstone Policy Research has given Gary a score of 100% for 2016.

The Granite State Taxpayers 2016 gave Gary a score of 100%.

The National Federation of Independent Business has rated Gary 100%

The National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund has assigned Gary an ‘A’ rating and given him their 2016 endorsement.


The NH Firearms Coalition has assigned Gary an A+ grade for 2016 and endorsed him for the general election.

The NH Liberty Alliance 2016 has scored Gary with an A for 2016

The NH Liberty Alliance has endorsed Gary for 2016

The NH Right to Life has endorsed Gary for 2016.

The Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed Gary for 2016

School Choice for NH has rated Gary 100% (A)

2015 Ratings

American Conservative Union 2015 – 100%

Americans for Prosperity 2015 – 100%, A+

NH Liberty Alliance 2015 – A