Honorable JR Hoell, NH State Representative

Senate District 11 has wonderful opportunity to re-elect a true conservative. This year, Gary Daniels, is running for re-election to the State Senate, an office he has clearly earned the privilege to serve in.  No other person serving in the district has spent more time giving to the citizens of the State of NH. Active in both town politics as well as the serving as a State Senator, Gary routinely takes on the hardest of fights without creating a media frenzy and wins. Daniels quietly continues to make progress year after year towards cutting out the unnecessary waste within our government. We could all sleep better at night if there were more people like Gary looking out for the taxpayers in the state.

- Honorable JR Hoell -

Andy Seale, Conservation Commission

I have personally known Gary Daniels for many years. He is one of the few people in public service that I can say has integrity, honesty and a sense of community spirit. Many times politicians show up to an event feigns interest and move on. Gary actually takes the time to understand what the problems are, who the people are that are involved, and what their needs are. He’s a rare person when it comes to that. He spent a lot of personal time helping the Town of Milford with trying to have Osgood pond dredged and getting the Milford District Court moved to a permanent location, working through the legislature and NH State bureaucracies. He understands that issues aren’t always political and that people need to do the right thing. I’m happy to endorse Gary Daniels for State Senate.

- Andy Seale -

Honorable Laura Jones, Rochester

State Senator Gary Daniels is running for re-election to the State Senate and I wholeheartedly support his campaign. I first met Gary in 2010 when I began serving as a legislator in the New Hampshire House. I was impressed by his willingness to lead, his calm and quiet demeanor, and his “let’s get it done” attitude. And those times when I asked Gary Daniels for advice, he always led me in the right direction and was a pleasure to work with. With his many years of service, he knows the legislative process well. Combined with his stellar voting record, there is no better candidate for Senate District 11.

- Honorable Laura Jones -

Dennis Markaverich, Owner, Wilton Town Hall Theatre

I have known Gary for over 30 years. He has always been steadfast in his principles and conservative in his politics. He has a true desire to serve his constituents, and for that reason he would make a great State Senator for Wilton and District 11.

- Dennis Markaverich -