Last week, I officially filed for State Senate in District 11, comprised of the towns of Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, and Wilton. We need a State Senate that is willing to work with the Governor to solve problems and deliver results, not play partisan political games. I pride myself on my record of fairness, common sense, and consideration of all sides, and I look forward to bringing those values back to Concord in November.

As you consider who should be your next State Senator, I ask that you take my values into consideration. The Granite State is unlike any other in the nation, and I believe that the New Hampshire Advantage is the distinguishing factor. As your State Senator, I will fiercely fight to defend the New Hampshire Advantage. That means that I pledge to always oppose a sales tax and an income tax. The government should not be trying to find more ways to take from you your hard- earned money. Politically, I live by the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson that “A wise and frugal government… shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.”

You can also count on my vote to protect our free markets. Too often government regulations result in more spending, useless paperwork, and bureaucratic nightmares for those who simply want to create their “American Dream.” I believe the highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential in others, not to stifle their creativity with burdensome regulations.

Critically, spending needs to be controlled by keeping it within our means and ensuring that is done effectively and responsibly, and that includes dealing with our rainy-day fund. Too often partisan games have depleted our rainy-day fund, leaving the state without sufficient reserves to handle emergencies or other unanticipated expenses. It is essential to the fiscal well-being of the state and its borrowing capability to have consistent, sufficient reserves maintained for emergencies and not spent on partisan pet projects.

More intimately related to Senate District 11, the issue of PFOAs in our water supply is of paramount concern. We should not have to worry about poisons being in our water every time our children fill their cups from the kitchen sink. We must address this issue seriously, and immediately.

Executive Council zeroed out the tolls on Exit 11 in Merrimack. This is an incredible first step, but we run the risk of the tolls being used as political pawns that can be increased and decreased on a whim. We must remove the toll’s structures entirely and bring this whole debacle to a final close. Our commuters deserve the convenience and our businesses deserve the relief.

Finally, as our state continues to open, we need to realize that the economic effects of COVID-19 will not go away overnight. Families’ life savings have been destroyed. Some businesses had to close their doors for good. In all towns, we need the local control that enables us to rebuild what was lost. As we take on this challenge, it is imperative that we remain conscientious of these harsh realities and support our fellow neighbors. We must work together, both in our communities and at the State House, to bring responsible relief to those struggling.

As we enter this unprecedented election cycle, I hope I can earn your vote. New Hampshire has been my home state since I was a young child, and I have lived in Milford for over 50 years. This state and the people residing within it mean everything to me. To me, “Live Free or Die” is more than a motto – it defines who we are and our way of life! I had the honor of representing you in the State Senate from 2014-2018, serving a term as the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee during New Hampshire’s best economic success in recent history. We can get New Hampshire back on track for incredible fiscal success, prosperity, and opportunity. We just need to work together and be willing to listen to one another.

I respectfully ask for your vote in the September 8th primary election and again on November 3rd in the general election. Working together we can do amazing things!

I hope I can count on your support so I can return to the State Senate and bring common-sense conservatism back to Concord.

I ask that you please consider contributing $10, $20, or $50 today.

Thank you,

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